Today I’ll be translating TikTok’s biggest competitor, RED App, to show you what might be coming to the US from the eyes of a designer.

Image of Xiao hong shu logo on left and mock up mobile screen on right on a bright cherry red background

TikTok (also known as Douyin in China) has really caught people’s attention and made its way into America. It sparked competition and has forced other tech companies to design similar infinite, crowdsourced, content-scrolling experiences. People have been analyzing TikTok back and forth, thinking it’s the next big thing.

But actually…

Part II

How to use the right responsive grid and UI layout based on your design goals.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to use grids, you might be wondering how to apply them to layouts you see on the web. Responsive grids are a method to systematically align your designs, to give order, establish hierarchy, and “logic” to your designs. It makes things…

Why being a product designer is so much harder than people think, and an overview of the skills you need to be a good product designer.

A pink headphone on top of colorful background split into pink and turquoise.
Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

I have always quietly thought to myself, that being a product designer requires the highest standards. Even though the job is fun, fulfilling, and impactful, it’s not for everyone. Or at least it’s not something that a lot of people can do well.

The “definition” of a product designer is…

Christie Tang

Product Designer at Meta. Jury at Awwwards. eSports enthusiast. Bonafide nerd. Ketogenic foodie. Sarcastic and crass INTJ.

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