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Healthiest, freshest, highest quality boba in the SF Bay Area review

Christie Tang
8 min readNov 22, 2022

This isn’t my usual content since I write about design, but my friends have too many a times earnestly urged me to write my review on the best boba in the bay area. I’ve lived in many cities including Shanghai, I have a pretty refined palette and enjoy scouring for the best restaurants, I have a decent understanding of nutrition doing keto for many years and all kinds of diets, and am a self-acclaimed badass cook. I really love boba; it’s even written on my license plate. But nonetheless, I have no actual credentials (but then again who does?), and these are just the opinions of a no-name designer and a random person on the internet.

I am not being sponsored or getting a commission for writing this, but I would LOVE to be supported :D

Things to look for

Let me just first start off by saying good boba is a very sensitive topic for hardcore boba fans. Everyone has different tastes and different things they care about. This Christie-approved list is only based on my own personal preferences, which are extremely high standards. I’m a health nerd, so everything I care about is around a good-tasting drink that is also healthy, which means I don’t get sugar in my drinks.

1. No syrups, artificial sweeteners, or powders

All of the above are trash and really bad for you. If you ever see pictures of boba from the store and it’s an obviously unnatural color, like a neon green or a bright purple, you know for sure it’s a powder or something artificial. There is no plant, food, real substance on the planet that can make your drink naturally neon green, so you if you see this it’s already a no. Be wary of “Lavendar earl grey milk tea” as the lavender is often just an added syrup. And you know that syrup is really just high fructose corn syrup, which is like the worst kind of sweetener, and will make you feel bloated (not bloated as in satiated, but feels like your stomach is pumped with air and uncomfortable). If you see a place with a ton of pumps, it’s a syrup shop.

2. Dairy-free alternatives other than non-dairy creamer

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